The 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition

The 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition and the 14th China Nutrition Science Congress (APCCN) took place from 19th – 22nd of September, 2019, in Nanjing, China. The organization of the event was a collaboration between the Chinese Nutrition Society and the Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society.

The conference aimed at introducing the most recent advancement in nutrition science as well as encouraging researchers to share their experiences. The theme of the conference was very practically oriented – ‘From Nutrition Research to Clinical Practice.

The participants and the topics

There were more than 280 guest speakers and around 2500 participants who came from all over the world to attend the event, which takes place once in two years. There were also about 170 specially designed booths for companies to present the most recent nutrition and technology products.

The number of speakers that we mentioned above may seem unreasonably huge, but they got evenly distributed among all the sessions. Along with the main courses, there were 35 parallel sessions.

Some of the covered topics were:

  • Research and Application in Dietary Nutritional Supplements;
  • Nutritional Neurosciences;
  • Dietary Carbohydrates and Population Health;
  • Challenge and Innovation in Clinical Nutrition;
  • Current link between nutrition and wealth.

Young Investigator Award

The 11th Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition opened applications for the Young Investigator Award. The investigators who were allowed to take part in the competition were all master and doctoral students, as well as scientists who had graduated in the recent three years. They could apply by submitting abstracts of their projects.

There was a special Award lunch on the 22nd of September at which they announced the ten finalists. They were proud to present their work in front of such an audience. All of them received certificates as well as free registrations for the event. The finalists excelled at the originality of their projects and the noticeable results in the clinical nutrition field.

The Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society (APCNS)

The Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society is related to the International Union of Nutrition Sciences, which got founded in 1981 in Australia.  The APCNS focuses on several activities, some of which are:

  • Supporting the education of clinical nutritionists in the Asia Pacific area;
  • Organizing scientific conferences regularly, including the ‘Asia Pacific Conference on Clinical Nutrition’;
  • Creating working groups which to ensure standardization in nutrition assessment;
  • Publishing recent clinical nutrition research in the journal ‘Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition;’

Chinese Nutrition Society

The Chinese Nutrition Society got established in 1945 as an NGO. The organization has around 28 000 members, including educators, nutritionists, health workers, students, academics, dietitians, and clinicians.  The Chinese Nutrition Society aims at:

  • gathering nutrition experts to bring awareness of nutrition issues and to support the application of nutrition to improve public health;
  • advancing nutrition science and technology;
  • supporting the dissemination of nutrition knowledge;
  • encouraging nutritional policies;
  • increasing national professionalism;