Sixth International Conference on Diabetes Treatment and Research

The Sixth International Conference on Diabetes Treatment and Research took place on 16th and 17th October in Vancouver, Canada. Its theme was ‘Convergence of Diabetes Management and Primary Healthcare.

The Topics Covered at the Sixth International Conference on Diabetes Treatment and Research

The agenda of the conference consisted of 12 sessions, each one of which covered a different subtopic of the central theme. Here is a list with some of the covered topics:

  • Symptoms and Management of Diabetes;
  • Pediatric Diabetes;
  • Diabetes and Metabolism;
  • Alternative Treatment and Therapies;
  • Energy Balance, Obesity and Diabetes;
  • Diabetic Drug Market;
  • Advancement of Treatment and Diagnosis;

A Summary of the Diabetes Research Presented at the Sixth International Conference on Diabetes Treatment and Research

According to recent statistics, the number of people who have diabetes is increasing each year. This fact requires urgent actions and more advances researches in the following fields: Chemistry, Physiology, Hypothalamus-Pituitary Axis, Thyroid and Parathyroid Organs and their Disorders; Diabetic Disorder and Treatment; Adrenal Hormones and Diabetes Control and Reproductive Endocrinology.

The statistics mentioned-above motivated scientists to conduct diabetes researches in a range of fields. There are a lot of foundations and private portion associations that finance diabetes experts to help them explore the different aspects of diabetes and improve diabetes mind.

Some Market Statistics from the Recent Years That the Conference Revealed

The market for endocrinology drugs has increased its size drastically. If there aren’t any changes in the eating routines and physical activities of the majority of people, this market will continue growing its impact. Recent statistics in the US show that more than half of their population is obese or overweight because they have a sitting lifestyle, deprived of any physical activities, and marked by unhealthy eating habits. Moreover, the people of the USA have been aging since 1960. Here are some numbers that research on the diabetes drug market provided:

  • The endocrinology drugs promote in EMEA will reach more than $16 billion by 2020;
  • The endocrinology drugs help in APAC will reach more than $14 billion by 2020;
  • There are more than 27 million diabetes patients in the US;
  • In 2007 the US was estimated to have been the third-largest diabetes patient place;
  • The US market for diabetes drugs grew a lot from 2010 to 2017;
  • The value of the money spent on diabetes medications for 2017 reached $ 40,8 billion;

The Journals Supporting the Conference

Two prominent journals promoted the event and supported it throughout the whole process. They were ‘Endocrinology and Diabetes Research’ and ‘Journal of Obesity and Therapeutics.’

‘Endocrinology and Diabetes Research’

‘Endocrinology and Diabetes Research’ is a journal that publishes the most recent information about endocrinology and diabetes research. Its editors aim at encouraging research in the field of diabetes. They do this by promoting original articles, case reports, and short communications.

‘Journal of Obesity and Therapeutics’

‘Journal of Obesity and Therapeutics’ focuses on informing its readers on various aspects related to obesity as the cause of obesity, treatment of diseases related to obesity, as well as lifestyle changes, which will help people avoid obesity.