The 2016 FEBS Press journal award winners join the speaker line-up

Congratulations to the 2016 winners of the FEBS Letters Award and The FEBS Journal Richard Perham Prize! They will talk about their prize-winning work at the Congress, where they will be officially presented with the awards.

Jan Löwe, joint winner with Kim Nasmyth of the FEBS Letters Award, and Fatima Aloraifi, winner of The FEBS Journal Richard Perham Prize, will give plenary lectures at the Congress on Wednesday 7 September 2016 (17.30-18.30).

The FEBS Letters Award 2016

Every other year, FEBS Letters offers a prestigious prize of €10,000 to the senior author of an outstanding Research Letter published in FEBS Letters during the previous two calendar years. The criteria for this selection are based on functional insight, depth of experimental analysis and broadness of impact.

The FEBS Letters Award 2016 will be presented jointly to Kim Nasmyth (University of Oxford, UK) and Jan Löwe (MRC, Cambridge, UK) for their outstanding paper:
Structure and function of cohesin’s Scc3/SA regulatory subunit
Maurici B. Roig, Jan Löwe, Kok-Lung Chan, Frédéric Beckouët, Jean Metson and Kim Nasmyth
FEBS Letters 588, 3692–3702, October 2014

Read more about the winning article and the FEBS Letters Award here.

The FEBS Journal Richard Perham Prize 2016

The FEBS Journal Richard Perham Prize is awarded to the first author of the best paper by a graduate student or young post doc published in the journal during the previous calendar year. The prize consists of a personal gift of €1000 plus an invitation to present the work in a plenary lecture at the annual FEBS Congress.

The FEBS Journal Richard Perham Prize 2016 is awarded to Fatima Aloraifi (Smurfit Institute of Genetics, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland) for her outstanding paper:
Detection of novel germline mutations for breast cancer in non-BRCA1/2 families
Fatima Aloraifi, Trudi McDevitt, Rui Martiniano, Jonah McGreevy, Russell McLaughlin, Chris M. Egan, Nuala Cody, Marie Meany, Elaine Kenny, Andrew J. Green, Daniel G. Bradley, James G. Geraghty and Adrian P. Bracken
The FEBS Journal 282, 3424– 3437, September 2015

Read more about the winning article and The FEBS Journal Richard Perham Prize here.

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