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Invitation & Opportunities

Dear Sponsor/Exhibitor,

We are committed to ensuring that this congress gives real value for you as sponsor and exhibitor. We aim to provide:

  • A world-class conference facility, the Ephesus Convention Center.
  • An exhibitor area designed as the central focus point and meeting place for delegates.
  • An exhibitor area set up to ensure interaction with the participants throughout the days and encompassing all poster sessions.
  • The opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to interact with delegates.
  • Professional expertise to support all your practical requirements.

We expect close to 3,000 participants from all over the world, bringing together distinguished professionals and young students in the field of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from both academic institutions and private enterprise. 

The venue will provide excellent facilities for delegates to exchange information with each other and with representatives of industry and exhibitors. In addition, the 41st FEBS Congress will give sponsors and exhibitors exposure and access to delegates with the ability to influence the selection of products and services within their organizations. Participating in our sponsorship program will extend your visibility beyond the exhibition hall to achieve maximum exposure at the Congress.

More specifically, we seek to:

  • Attract local, national and international sponsors and exhibitors amongst biotech and pharmaceutical companies, along with academic Institutions and Research Centres.
  • Provide an exciting marketing and scientific environment for sponsors and exhibitors of both private enterprise and academia.
  • Supply the means for creating an interactive and affordable setting for sponsors and exhibitors.
  • Facilitate the presentation of new, innovative technologies to researchers.
  • Assist the internationalization of national companies.
  • Publicize research and training programmes of academic groups.

To achieve these aims, a range of opportunities with particular benefits exists for sponsors and exhibitors. The range of sponsorship opportunities available means that you can choose the package that fits best your marketing strategy. However, since pre-set packages may not necessarily meet all corporative requirements, we can create tailor made packages to fit specific marketing objectives. 

Please click here to download the Sponsorship & Exhibition Booklet. Should you be interested in having a tailor-made package instead of the pre-prepared options, please contact us directly to discuss your requests.

We believe that this internationally acclaimed congress offers unique opportunities for sponsors and exhibitors. We welcome your comments, suggestions and we will be glad to assist with any inquires you may have.

We encourage you to join us and look forward to meeting you in Kusadasi.

With best wishes,
The Congress Secretariat
On behalf of the Organizing Committee

Address:    Şirin Sokak No:58 Emirgan 34467 Sarıyer, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone:    +90 212 299 9984
Fax:    +90 212 299 9977
Contact:    Mr. Onur Bucak
E-mail:    [email protected]

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IFCC: IFCC auspices have been given to this event.